How to master Java Programming?

Show student the resources and other educational materials provided by the Lecturer. To guide student to learn Programming step by step.

How to master programming skills?

eC Learning by Eric Chou

eC Learning

First, you need to master a pilot programming language such as Java, python, C/C++ or Javascript. Any one of them can do. The important language ideas includes:

  1. Elementary Programming
  2. Structural Programming
  3. Object-Oriented Programming
  4. Data Structure and Algorithms
  5. Graphical User Interface
  6. Software Engineering and Software Testing.

A course series on these topics are:

Part A: Java Programming Essentials on elementary programming, structural programming, and simple algorithms and OOP:

Java Programming Essentials: AP Computer Science A

Part B: Java Object-Oriented Programming on Java OOP, algorithms, data structure, software testing (very lightly) and GUI (lightly).

Java Object Oriented Programming: AP Computer Science B

After these basic courses, you should explore more advanced programming topics such as:

  1. Software Testing.
  2. Device-oriented GUI (desktop, mobile, tablets)
  3. Data base connection
  4. Networking
  5. Multi-processing and Multi-threading
  6. Web Programming

We currently offer the following course:

(1) Software Testing

Java JUnit for Unit Testing with TestNG, Mockito, EclEmma

After you finish strong in one language, you can start to work on other languages. At that time, programming languages will become a piece of cake. You will spend more time on problem solving.


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